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Visual Studio Tips & Tricks

Visual Studio tips and tricks.

Visual Studio
This article contains tips and tricks about Visual Studio. Tips are collected during day to day work with Visual Studio.

Searching with regular expression

Type Ctrl-F, in Find Options select Regular expression instead of “Wild card”
Type your regular expression; for example [.]isual studi[.]
The default behavior is greedy matching; to use non-greedy matching use the @ (instead of *) or
the # (instead of .)

Keyboard short-cuts

Show command window Ctrl-Alt-A
Cycle through clipboard buffer Ctrl-Shift-V
Toggle display whitespace Ctrl-R, Ctrl-W
Show options for smart-tag Ctrl-.

Various tips and tricks

To start a shell from visual studio open the command window (Crl-W,A). Type “Tools.Shell cmd”.


Subversion installation on your Synology DiskStation

subversionOn the SynologyWiki is an excellent article about installing Subversion on to your synology diskstation. Is is a step by step guide describing all the details for installing subversion on your diskstation.

Integrate Subversion and Visual Studio

You can also integrate SVN with your visual studio environment (almost like TFS). With the software from ankhSVN, for example, you can perfectly integrate SVN and Visual Studio (2008).

Use the Options window to configure the ankhSVN plugin:
The file “app.config” is checked out; other files are also under version control


View all of your pending changes.

All other regular source control options, like banching and merging, labeling, shelving etcetera are all available.