Install and configure MySql on Windows

Download it from and start the installer. For the most part it is a Next Next Finish process. Pay attention what server you choose; 8.0 is the newest at the time of this writing but a lot of 5.7 installations are still in production.

Choose setup type

Choose Custom for Setup type

Select products

Select the database server “MySQL Server 8.0.28 – x64” and select “MySQL Workbench 8.0.28 – X64”.
Press Next


Press Execute


Installation succeeded.
Press Next.

Product configuration

Press Next

Type and networking

Leave everything default for your development computer.
Press Next


Leave Authentication Method default.

Accounts and Roles

Specify your root password and press Next.

Windows Service

Leave everything default.

Apply configuration

Press Execute.

Apply Configuration
Product Configuration

Press Next.

Installation Complete

Press Finish.


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