Ubuntu Apache problems on Azure

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Got the error below in your apache error log when trying to start the Apache server?

[Mon Jan 19 20:19:24 2015] [error] Unable to configure permitted SSL ciphers

Then you have permitted ciphers in your apache.conf  (at /etc/apache2 ) that are not compatible with your openssl configuration (probably version 1.01, check with openssl version). To solve this problem remove the +TLSv1.1:+TLSv1.2 from the line starting with SSLCipherSuite.

Restart your apache server; it should be running now….

Want to get rid of the Apache2 message “Could not reliably determine the server’s fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName”?

Edit your /etc/hosts  file and add the FQDN to the line that contains    localhost



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