SharePoint stuff, tips & tricks


  1. Enable the Windows SharePoint Services Administration to be able to schedule retracting jobs in the Central Admin
  2. Download the newest WSPBuilder bits
  3. Remember to remove the default bin of VS2008 and store the dll’s in 80bin (dll’s in the default bin are going to be deployed to the GAC!)
  4. Add solution to the solution store:

    %STSADMPRG% -o addsolution -filename “..Solution1.wsp”

    (No files available in the 12 hive yet)

  5. Deploy a solution:

    %STSADMPRG% -o deploysolution -name “Solution1” -immediate -force -allowCasPolicies -allowGacDeployment

    (Now you can see the files are added to the 12 hive; features are installed NOT activated)

  6. Activate the feature:

    %STSADMPRG% -o deactivatefeature -filename Feature1feature.xml -url http://ServerName

  7. To enable intellisense with your xml definitions within sharepoint install CAML.IntelliSense.msi
  8. Be sure that the “Windows SharePoint Services Administration” service is running for deploying WSP solutions

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