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Read data from smartmeter with nodejs

Install the necessary node modules and read data from your P1 cable connected to your smartmeter. Includes CRC checking of received packages.


Linux ls – first directories than files

If you would like to list directories first and than the files with the linux ls command you would have to execute the following ls commandGIT logo
ls -l --group-directories-first

The --group-directories-first  takes care of showing the directories first and than the files.

My favorite ls  alias is (add / change it in your .bashrc ):


Get certificate information with openssl

To display certificate information of a certificate issue the command below:

Information about the certificate is displayed. Some important items are:

The Issuer is a CA that signed this certificate.

The validity period of the certificate. Remember to renew your certificate before it expires!

The subject for this certificate. This certificate can be used for a website for the given CN.