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Setup wget proxy on ubuntu

Setup wget to use proxy

When you are behind a proxy server you have to tell wget to use that proxy server. To do this create a .wgetrc  file in your home directory with the contents below (of course change username, password and proxy url).

use_proxy = on
http_proxy = http://username:password@proxy.location.tld:80/
https_proxy = http://username:password@proxy.location.tld:80/

If you want to disable certificate checking add the line below to your .wgetrc

check_certificate = off



Linux ls – first directories than files

If you would like to list directories first and than the files with the linux ls command you would have to execute the following ls commandGIT logo
ls -l –group-directories-first

The –group-directories-first  takes care of showing the directories first and than the files.

My favorite ls  alias is (add / change it in your .bashrc ):

ls -AlF --group-directories-first --color=auto
# -A => do not show the implied . and .. directories
# -l => use a long listing
# -F => appends an indicator to entries (a / for a directory)